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 RC Flights is all about Johann Micallef R/C flying. At the age of 17 years old he is one of the best rc pilots in Malta specializating in 3D flying, wining twice consecutively Malta's Unlimited Trophy. He is  always growing up his talent and with the help of his father Mario Micallef and his current sponsors (always searching for new ones), he is growing his fleet  and training on new planes. "I Flew many types of planes from small shocky's to gas planes and jets and just stick with aerobatic airframes. With my Phoenix Model Yak 54 63inch I did my first competitions and shows and also came first in Malta's Unlimited Trophy thanks to a lot of practice and also mentioning that this was only my 3rd competition. But now as the Yak 54 helped me trough all this, it's time to go on something bigger and a more realistic airframe so that I can improve even more. Currently flying a GoldWing 30% Yak 55M I feel confident in achieving my goals. By this, I would like to thanks my all my sponsors and special thanks to dad."


  • Site Temporary under refurbish

Upcoming Projects:

  • FlyEagle J-10 1:6 Scale, 3D Version
  • Gold Wing RC Yak 55M 25%
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