"I used to go with my father at the flying field since I was 4-5 years old. At that time I used to play with my friends while my father flew his nitro planes. When I was 9 and a half years old I took the first step to R/C and began taxing his (dad's) plane's back to the pits from the runway after his flights. A year later I began to taxi them out to the runway. When I was 12 years old back in 2006 I felt the need to jump to the next step, flying!

When I decided to began learning to fly these beauty we did not have a trainer model and it would have took time to build one (which I didn't have) so I began flying lessons from my dad with infect my dad's low winger models. The first plane that came in my hand was a 'Precedent' Fun Fly but didn't last long. After that my dad had crashed it I continued my flying lessons on a 'Ripmax' Wild Card but than he crashed that one as well. I continued and finished my flying lessons with those two plane and with the full support of my dad.

I got my first model after about a year I started flying. This was a blue 'Precedent' Fun Fly which I friend of my dad gave me. From there on it was all up to me to start flying and learning aerobatics. Although I began aerobatics after about a little more than a year that I started flying, I began the way to 3D and freestyle two years after with a 'Ripmax' Bossanova. Next plane was a 'Hanger 9' Funtana S90 and than the one that I really learn't from, 'Phoenix Model' Yak 54 63". That was my very first Yak and since than I have only bought Yak's as aerobatic airframes. 


                When I was still learning with the Fun Fly in my                                                                                          The Fun Fly                                                            hand's and my father next to me


                             My father starting the plane                                                                                           My father with the Wild Card

Since now I flew various types of model airplanes and even an ultra-light aircraft. I mostly specialize in freestyle and 3D flying and also I am having big success with jet models. At this stage I have reached a point which help's me allot to my future R/C career but this only a first step to a non-stop climbing hill without an end. Right now I am mostly looking at foreign freestyle competitions and to get support from anyone which could make my future possible." 


Born: 22.02.1994 

Residence: San Gwann, Malta, EU

Study: Art and Design - M.C.A.S.T.

Interests: Extreme Sports, F1, adventure, partying

First RC airplane: 13 years old

First 3D airplane: 'Hanger 9' Funtana 90

First competition: FunFly 3D, 2009

First show: Scale Meet, 2009

Aeromodelling specialties: 3D Flying, Freestyle, Giant Scale, Jet's

Favorite airplane to fly: Yak 55M

Favorite all time aircraft: F-4 Phantom ll

Favorite maneuver: Fast inverted very low-pass